Melanoma Rates Higher Among the Affluent

In a somewhat surprising study revelation, it was discovered that affluent white women were more at risk for the most dangerous form of skin cancer – melanoma.  When compared to women and young women (teens) that were of a lesser economic stature, in fact, wealthier women actually have almost a five fold higher chance of developing this type of cancer.

That is quite a large number to consider, and it’s certainly something for women and girls of higher financial stature to take note of. Why? Becuase of the reason behind the higher numbers. Researchers think they know why women in certain financial circles get this cancer more often.

It actually has to do with a more priveleged lifestyle. That is, affluent women tend to go on sunny vacation destinations in the winter time. Because off-season UV exposure can be dangerous, they may be unknowingly baking their skin in even more toxic rays when they are winter-pale, making their cells even more susceptible to mutations.

Also, wealthier women tend to visit tanning beds more than women of a lesser stature.  Tanning beds tend to be used year round in some capacity, making the UV exposure higher and therefore increasing melanoma risk.

This all points to the inescapable fact that excessive UV exposure is dangerous, particularly to those of us who force a tan, and our skin really isn’t meant to be tan (like those of us that are of European descent, for example).

However, I personally don’t suscribe to the belief that any tan and all UV exposure should be avoided. You NEED some sunlight. It is actually vital to your health, so don’t ever totally avoid it.

Try to use a nontoxic sunscreen during prolonged periods in the sun, and avoid burning like the plague – this is where the DNA damage really is accelerated.  UVA rays, which tan you, are also linked to increased aging signs.  Fine lines, wrinkles and age spots are no fun.