What is low sperm motility treatment?

Sperm motility is when the sperm has the ability to swim up towards the egg for fertilization. If a man is infertile, a slow sperm movement could be the cause but it can be corrected by increasing the ability of the sperm to move. The first thing that your physician will want to do is a sperm analysis. By doing this your physician can see if your sperm is unhealthy or healthy. Their motility is calculated on whether they swim in a direct and straight line, a crooked line, or a curved flea bites vs bed bug bites line or if they even swim at all. For the sperm to move and get to the egg to fertilize it, the motility needs to be high. If the man has low motility, which means that there is no movement at all or only their tails move, this spells unhappy news for the couple who have been trying to have a baby. High motility is vital if the couple wants to have a baby so if the motility is low, a solution needs to be found to increase the motility.

Causes of low Motility

Poor nutrition because of a diet that is not balanced.

Drinking and smoking

Side effects from certain medications and steroids

Contraction of an STD

Testicular overheating which can damage his sperm and affect production.

Certain exercises that are vigorous

Genetic reasons

Being exposed to particular pollutants and chemicals

How to Increase Motility Naturally

In addition to increasing the motility of his sperm he also needs to make sure that he increases the sperm count. These are some of the ways that you can do both naturally.

Zinc-you should include in your diet foods that are rich in zinc to bring good results. Zinc rich foods include liver, red meats, nuts, grains, oysters and other seafood.

Selenium-this can be found in Brazil nuts, eggs, garlic, and seafood. It is absorbed by your body. Then the testes use it to make selenoproteins. This is necessary to produce sperm. L-carnitine-taking this amino acid will help to increase the production of sperm that is health.. It can be found in lean meats and dairy products.

Vitamin E-this vitamin is effective for protecting your body against free radicals which can lead to making your sperm immobile by causing damage to his sperm cells.

Herbs-there are also several herbs which are natural and can cause an increase in motility. These herbs can include fish oils, Kokilaksha, Suvararavang, and more.

Before you try any of these naturally remedies, talk to your physician first to make sure that there is no underlying cause as to why you have low motility and low sperm count.